Make SugarCRM and your phones work as one

Increase real conversations with prospects and clients using SugarCRM  CTI Integration

Drive more outbound sales through smarter integrated working using SugarCRM CTI

SugarCRM CTI Integration is a technology that coordinates interactions between your telephones, your computer and SugarCRM, with the goal of increasing the overall efficiency for users and increasing conversations and conversions.

A word from our Sales Director
“By using the products we sell ourselves we can give great advice to customers who are looking at ways to improve their sales calls and CRM call workflows”

Martin Woolley, Sales Director, Track Eleven

Automate Call Logging and Note Taking

Make sure that every single inbound and outbound call is logged in Sugar CRM with automated follow up task creation. Making sure that leads never drop through the cracks

Advanced Call Analytics

Do you really know how many calls your teams are making. ? Simply view online call analytics to help your teams close more business.

Click to Dial

The most basic aspect of outbound telesales is crunching crunching numbers.  Give your team the ability to make calls quicker with less mistakes and less mis-dials.

Some of the customers who benefit from the CTI Integrations for SugarCRM we offer