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Bullhorn Click To Dial

Increase your calling efforts by integrating your Bullhorn Recruitment CRM and your telephone system to give your users Bullhorn Click to Dial

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Bullhorn Click to Dial Software

Make More Calls

It’s quite simple: more calls equal more revenue.  by integrating your phone system to provide click to dial for Bullhorn you can increase your calling efforts.

No Expensive Hardware Replacements

You don’t have to replace your entire phone system to enable click to dial for Bullhorn.  Our innovative software will work with most leading VoIP telephone systems.


Have More Real Conversations

Build longer lasting and more meaniful customer relationships by more detailed note taking using Bullhorn click to dial software.


Log Opportunities and Candidates Faster and Better

By using our very innovative Bullhorn click to dial software you can also log opportunity notes quicker before moving onto the next calling activity.

Improve Reporting With Bullhorn Click to Dial

By enabling click to dial for Bullhorn, all calling activity is tracked on a per call per users basis.  This allows managers and business owners to analyse  where the profit is coming from and where you may need to invest some time and effort to improve things.  The animated graphic below shows a snapshot of some of the reporting available.   The reporting functionality comes as standard with the Bullhorn click to dial integration.



Calling activities can be logged as tasks quickly and concisely

View Related Emails

When you clients call in, you can easily flick through their last few emails so that you can immediately know the last few conversations you had allowing you to instantly pick up the relationship where you left off.

Call Information

We pull all of your latest phone calls both inbound and outbound. We also tell who on your team answered the call. So you will know exactly who talked to the customer or lead last and what they discussed.

Involve Your Team

If you need to involve other team members in your actions following a call you simply can tag them with the ‘@’ symbol.  For example “@mark please can you take a look at this note and deal with the next steps.”  This will add the communication to the notes and also email your team member.  Using this process can make sure that internal coversations are captured within Bullhorn instead of being lost over email.

Follow Up Your Tasks

We have natural language processing. Type something like “Followup next week” and Tenfold will create a task in your crm to remind you to follow up with this person at the specified time!

Bullhorn Click to Dial will work with most of the leading VoIP and Telephony Systems

(Please get in touch if yours is not listed here as we still will probably be able to help)

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