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Bullhorn CTI

Bullhorn CTI

Turbo charge your Bullhorn Recruitment software with Bullhorn CTI.  By using Bullhorn CTI you can increase productivity and close more business by connecting your phone system and Bullhorn to make them work seamlessly together.

By automating the process of recording phone call information in Bullhorn you can make sure that every single inbound and outbound call is captured and associated to a lead or task within Bullhorn.

By using Bullhorn CTI you can simply click on any number within Bullhorn to get click to dial functionality from within your web browser which saves time and also reduces the number of mis-dials due to human error.

Integrating your phone system with Bullhorn also gives you the ability to identify incoming callers so that their details automatically pop up before you answer the phone.  

When considering CTI Integration solutions it is important to check what other phone systems and CRM’s it may be easier in the long run if you ever want to change any part of your IT solutions that you don’t need to rip and replace your entire infrastructure.

We pride ourselves on being able to integrate to all the main CRM vendors and phone systems so that each aspect of your communications solution can be modular and you don’t have to rely on different aspects of your communications being reliant on a single application or vendor.

Please come and say hi to one of our awesome team to discuss how we can help with helping you achieve your communications goals.

For more information on Bullhorn CTI: http://www.trackeleven.com/bullhorn-cti-integration/