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Automate Call Reporting CTI


Today I would like to discuss telephone call reports that all good managers and business owners expect to see.  We all know that increasing revenue relies on heavily on having a strong sales team and if you are reliant to the phones for generating business daily/weekly and monthly call reports can be key to growing your pipeline and finding out where some areas may need improvement.


Making sure that all inbound and outbound calls are logged against opportunities allows management to see where time is being spent and can help keeping the sales process and cashflow moving in the right direction.


When it comes to logging calls it is important that you get accurate information from your teams.  Research shows that sales and recruitment professionals find that logging calls and activities can be time consuming and laborious.  The tedium of all this logging can allow some of the true detail to slip through the cracks and this makes reporting difficult as you can’t rely on the information in hand.


So is there a solution for this? 


Sure there is!


In order to get a 100% accurate picture of all you calling activities you need to automate call detail logging and take out the reliance on team members to remember to log the calls.  This in turn saves a lot of time allowing for an opportunity to make a greater number of calls with the time saved.


In order to automate these tasks you can use a technology called CTI which makes your computer, customer database and phone talk to each other.  All activity from your outbound sales activities can be captured into your CRM system automatically and then be made Into ready made reports for sales managers. 


You can simply in real time see who is making the most calls, who is spending the most time on the phone and even which parts of the day are your teams most productive.  By using such advanced analytics you can gain key insights into your business’s sales workflow and improve and support your teams where necessary to help increase pipeline.




Enabling CTI between your database and phone system is relatively straightforward forward with some simple software that can be on a server in your office or in the cloud.  It also works with most databases such as Bullhorn, Salesforce, BondAdaptUX and many more.


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