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No matter how experienced an individual is at calling clients, procrastination can still be a massive issue.  Many people associate more pleasure with anything and everything instead of “making that call” and associate pain with actually picking up the handset and dialling that client or candidate.

If you find your teams expending more energy doing other tasks instead of calling then you are not not alone.  Research shows that the the majority of recruitment professionals would rather be doing something else than be on the phones but actually once they have overcome a physical barrier to picking up the phone then actually enjoy the process.
Unfortunately for recruitment professionals that don’t like hitting the phones, calling is still the most effective way of building client relationships and closing new business so for the foreseeable future it’s here to stay.
One simple trick to overcome the physical barrier of picking up the phone and actually punching the digits on the dial pad is to connect your customer database (CRM) to your telephone system.
By doing this using a feature called CTI (computer telephony integration) your teams can simply click on a number from within your CRM system without having to touch the phone.   This helps reduce procrastination for individuals as it eliminates the physical element of cold calling procrastination.
CTI technology has been proven to increase the outbound calling output for all types of sales and recruitment based companies and can work without replacing the the tools you have already.
For example, solutions from Track Eleven can get click to dial to work with most recruitment databases such as Bond, Bullhorn, Salesforce and many more.   In most cases these features can be added to you existing setup without investment in costly new phone systems and also potentially saving money on your existing  setup at the same time.

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