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Despite the rise of linked in and other social media platforms.  Recruiters today still need to be able to leverage cold calling to win new business.
A well executed telephone call can help build relationships, secure placements and win new contracts.
In order to utilise the phone as an effective mechanism it is important to have a strategy in place to make the best use of the time spent on the phone whilst keeping up with the number of dials required to hit your targets.
It is always important to keep your calling as effective as possible and set yourself targets because there are huge differences in making 100 bad calls versus 25 revenue generating good calls.
Number One – Do your research 
Don’t try and brute force your way into getting new business.  Yes, sales and placements can be a numbers game but you can plan every call to improve your chances without having to send a hundred inmails or make 100 calls.
Always do the research. By simply doing some research you can make it clear that you are the person that your client should be dealing with.
Spend some time researching the job role properly, write down who you envisage the perfect candidate for the role is and talk this through with you clients.  By nailing down an imaginary profile of the ideal candidate you can get highly targeted results.
Make sure you understand and have done the research on the qualifications and skills needed for the role so that you can reach the right people first time rather than people who are almost suitable.  This will be a highly effective strategy that will gain quicker results.
Number two – Set yourself objectives
Every call has a different objective but one of the most useful things when keeping motivated is to set “mini” objectives for each call.  As part of you planning prior to any call list out some objectives you can tick off as your call progresses.
Number Three – Use technology to your advantage
Cold calling isn’t just reliant on phones to work well.  By connecting your computer, your phone and your customer database you can get advanced functions that big companies use to make more dials.  By using this technology called “CTI” you can enable click to dial, automate notes and log all inbound and outbound calling activity automatically saving loads of time and making sure that your follow up tasks are never missed.
Number Four – Notes, Activities and Follow-up actions
It’s all about the details! Make sure you make detailed notes for all calling activity as you will undoubtedly need to refer to your notes as a later date.  It’s always making notes on the entire converstation even if not directly related to the opportunity.  For example, if your client mentions a sports team, a place or what they did at the weekend it is good to retain this information for future relationship building.   Always make you notes during or straight after your call as detail will always be missed if you want to come back to it later on.
Always diarise a follow up activity straight away.  By doing this you can make sure that no opportunity slips through the net.
In reference to the last tip, you can automate a lot of these tasks by using a CTI integration to save time, effort and increase the detail that you log.
Number Five – Don’t Give Up too easily
It can take up to six calls to get a “yes” from a potential client or customer.  A lot of recruiters get disheartened after a few “no’s”.  It is important to always complete your follow-up activities and keep up dialogue without being too pushy.   If you keep the quality of your calls high by doing your research and keep your notes detailed the rest will follow with some perseverance.